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The Salesman Who Wants To Do Everything

Too Much

This comes from an an email titled ‘Quality Web Design”.  Most businesses get stack of these kinds of emails – offering web design services, Search engine optimisation and similar.

This one was from a guy named Yuri with a Gmail account which tells you that Yuri is a lone worker, not part of a company otherwise he would use a company email address.

The email starts with “We provide a wide range of services to clients around the globe”

This likely means he is a solo worker and may have done once some work for a client outside his homeland.

Next there’s a badly formed marketing pitch about saving clients time and money.

Then a list of services on offer.

I don’t think this is a scam and maybe Yuri is a hard worker, but the problem is that the list covers too many things – from designing a logo to Enterprise Resource Planning with everything in between including Pay Per Click campaigns and mobile APPS.

The kind of person good at designing logos is different from the person with the technical expertise to build an APP and that’s a very different person to the one with many years experience in corporate IT who can lead a team providing an ERP solution.

This is the equivalent to seeing an ad in the post office window for someone who will fix your leaky tap or rewire your house or build a skyscraper – different skillsets.

If you want a good job then you pick someone with expertise in that area and people claiming expertise in too many disparate areas may know a little about many things but won’t have the in depth experience necessary to be very good at something.

Choose carefully.