LinkedIn Fake Messages

The LinkedIn social media service for business people is very popular and can be very useful.

It is largely free of the scams and spam messages that fill Facebook, Twitter and many others, but scammers are increasingly targeting its users as they tend to trust messages more than for example  Facebook users.

A new set of phishing scam messages is appearing where the scammer has gone to the trouble of making the messages a copy of genuine LinkedIn messages. The title is something like “New Business Invitation Inquiry”  and the message reads like a normal LinkedIn contact message.

Mountai Hui Yan Group Ltd.

Yan Hing (project manager).

Please send me a quotation.”
Then two buttons. One for Accept and one for Review Message.

Whichever you press leads to a fake login screen.

The scammers intention is to get your login details either to sell to other scammers or to take control of your account and use it for scamming more people. 

Take care with LinkedIn as there are more scammers than ever trying to take advantage of the platform.

If you have any experiences with phishing scams do let me know, by email.

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