Stupidest Spam of the Week Alzheimer’s Word

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, suffered by millions across the world.

There are drugs that help but nothing yet that can reverse the damage to the brain caused by Alzheimer’s so scammers invent their own ridiculous miracles – exotic plant extracts from the Himalayas, minerals from the Atacama desert, strange North American Indian rituals or Japanese folklore remedies etc.

All lies, perpetrated by greedy evil scammers trying to make money from other people’s suffering.

There have also been a series of such emails claiming that there are quick simple ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s, such as by reading out a piece of text or walking in a certain way etc.

This latest set of scam messages claim “This breakthrough discovery is causing riots among brain doctors”.

It claims there is a single word and anyone who says it in a specific way will show Alzheimer’s symptoms and lose their memory within 4 weeks.

It’s obviously untrue – just a scammer’s way to get you to click a link to watch a random video as the scammer gets paid for finding people to click it.

Evil scammers.

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