Fake LinkedIn Job Offers

The social media network LinkedIn is a great site for people to advertise themselves to employers or to look for people to work for you.

There is so much less annoying advertising and rubbish content to contend with than with networks such as Facebook which is riddled with scammers and lies.

However, there are still scammers on LinkedIn.

The radio station is on LinkedIn with a profile that isn’t a person but a combination of people and the business of the station.

So, when an email arrived offering a job “similar to the one you do now”, but in Dubai it was obviously a scam from someone who bought the email address and has never actually looked at the profile.

‘Nicole’ claims to have read our profile and been really impressed and thinks we are perfect for this job in Dubai.

I don’t think so as there is clearly no job in Dubai just a criminal trying to get personal information from us.

Beware over keen recruiters on LinkedIn r people claiming to have your profile but who clearly haven’t bothered.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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