Nancy’s Loss

Nancy’s story is about a romance scammer who took advantage of her vulnerability following the death of her husband.

Nancy says:-

I was getting used to the impact of losing my husband but the loneliness still haunted me.

I decided to join a dating site and received a message from Antonio who had lost his wife in a car accident.

Our friendship developed in time and I enjoyed listening to his beautiful voice which made me feel calm.

After 2 months he said he would come down to visit me and I agreed.

He sent me 12 long stemmed roses and I waited for his arrival, but the day before his visit, he phoned to say his worker in Namibia had made a mess of a minister’s suit and had to go there immediately, plus while waiting at the airport the courier company had delivered the new material and had to be paid immediately. He asked me to help until he saw me the next weekend.

I paid the amount and that was the start of these requests to do with his business.

I carried on paying but his visit kept being delayed by problems.

He kept on phoning and texting me and was very considerate and I trusted him.  He got a customer to send me a cheque which I paid into my account and forwarded the money minus what was owed to me to Antonio.

But the cheque then turned out to be stolen and I lost that payment plus the money I had forwarded to Antonio.

He was supposedly on his way to visit me, but contacted me to say he was arrested by the Police for trafficking uncut diamonds. He assured me this was false, but he was in jail with no money and violent guards, so I sent him money to survive and pay off the guards.

I got fed up with this and hired an investigator to see what was going on.

Turns out he has multiple Facebook accounts in different names and spends his time conning lonely women.

I could not get my money back.

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