The Facebook Messenger Scam

There are numerous Facebook based scams with people pretending to know you or trying to get you to click a link to something containing malware.


This latest one involves the scammer impersonating someone you know and sending you a Facebook messenger message such as “Is this really you in this video”.

The scammer wants you to click the link to see what video is being talked about.


If you do click, your get a screen asking you to login to Facebook.


This is fake of course – if you input your login and password these are sent to the scammer who can then change your password and takeover your Facebook account.


It can be easy to just click a link from a ‘friend’, but it can be dangerous and scammers know to pretend to be someone you trust.

Scammers have a variety of ways of getting your friends email addresses so take the time to read messages from friends and do not assume they are genuine unless you check.

Be very careful before clicking any link in an unsolicited email message or Messenger message, text message or any other online message.

If you have any experiences with these Facebook scams do let me know, by email.

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