Joanne Has a Persistent Cold Caller


Joanne isn’t bothered by scam and spam emails – just presses delete for anything at all dodgy.

And she has fun with the Microsoft support scam phone calls that have been happening a lot recently.

Joanne says “With ‘Microsoft’ scam calls I tend to feign interest. I go along with what they’re saying, let them deliver their speech and then say ‘Oh, I don’t have a pc’.  Then they hang up, which I find amusing”.

But she has had problems with a very determined cold caller – Zenith Windows.

Constant calls annoyed Joanne and no amount of explaining she wasn’t interested would put them off. She tried a high pitched whistle – still they called.

She threatened to report them for harrassment – no effect.

She threatened a solicitor’s letter – still they called.

She complained to their head office – no change.

When she moved house, she assumed that would be the end of Zenith calls, but they tracked her down through a previous employer.

Fortunately  for Joanne, her ex employer realised the situation and denied knowing Joanne.

When does cold calling become harassment?
When does cold calling become threatening behaviour?

Not good.

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