What is The Xten Club?


I received an email titled “Are you about to buy business software?”

It goes on “When you consider the decision to buy business software are any of the following points relevant for you?” and it lists potential difficulties in buying software such as the impact on people.

The point of the blurb is to get you to click on what seems a useful link to advice on purchasing business software.

However, the whole thing is a con. The XTen club don’t give software advice or anything relevant – it’s a network Marketing business – they are just chasing leads that they can sell on.

So instead of getting the advice you seek, you will end up getting phone calls and/or emails from  companies trying to sell you software.

This is duplicitous but not illegal.

With any website that’s new to you – read carefully so you know what you are getting and don’t be caught out.

Unsolicited emails – just delete them.

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