How to Charge Cold Callers

It is possible under specific circumstances that you can invoice cold calling companies and make them pay for your time wasted.

But it takes a lot of effort to make it work and is only possible with very insistent cold callers who refuse to stop.

Richard Herman is a retired BT engineer and he was plagued with calls from a solicitors.

He thought about what would make it possible for him to claim money from them and he put his plan into action.

  1. He recorded every call and the date, time and length of each call.
  2. He warned them that they would be incurring costs if they continued to call him against his wishes. This warning needed to be explicit rather than just saying ”It will cost you”
  3. He specified that the charge would be £10 per minute or part thereof occupied in answering the cold calls.
  4. His meticulous records, recordings of the calls and warnings to the callers to stop, put him in an excellent position with the law.
  5. He wrote to the callers demanding payment
  6. When payment was not forthcoming and the calls continued then he started legal action.
  7. The company behind the cold calls turned out to be a solicitors and they fought the case but lost and had to pay up.

You can do the same if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Richard Herman has a website at giving more detail and he will answer queries.

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