Marz: Use This Spray and Watch the Weight Drop Off

The email title is “Lose 50 Kilos in 2 months

That’s almost 1 kilo per day – pretty extreme. Plus, even amongst very overweight people – there’s only a small number would actually want to lose 50 kilos.

The tagline is “Just one pump is more effective than a full 6 mile run”

Supposedly the product also cleans all toxins from your body and you lose weight without having to watch what you eat.

Too good to be true?

Of course it is, so it’s a scam.

The majority of the email is taken up with reference to an American TV programme called the Shark Tank which is similar to Dragons Den in the UK. A bunch of business people assess new products and services brought to them by entrepreneurs seeking cash and  advice.

This product was on Shark Tank and received a mixed reception with some liking, some disliking and one calling it a scam.

Is the product any good?

You have to judge that for yourself (and the Shark Tank interview is on Youtube) but the following points may help:-

  • The spray is basically a lot of vitamins – that’s fine as long as the doses are appropriate
  • It contains a number of substances such as Caffeine and Guarana that some people believe can help with weight reduction, but there is a lack of proper scientific evidence to support this.
  • The only direct evidence for the product is anecdotal i.e. some people who have used the product believe in it

The product continues to sell – so it has believers, but it’s not cheap and there is a lack of hard evidence of any effectiveness beyond that of standard vitamin supplements.

However, even if the product is genuine – do not click on the links in the spam emails, as these are almost certainly fake. If you want the product – go to the original supplier in America.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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