Stay Secure on TikTok

As with other popular social media networks, you need to be careful what you put in your TikTok profile, the various privacy settings, who you allow to see your posts and what you choose to post.

Here are some tips:

  • Make your account private: Any content you post on the account is only visible to people who you connect with on the app.
  • Only allow friends to send messages: Do not accept messages from strangers on TikTok.
  • Don’t suggest your account to others: This is about whether you want others to see your account. TikTok’s privacy features let you choose whether you want your account to be suggested to others. This will also stop your TikTok account from coming up in search engine results (unless you want that to happen).
  • Don’t let people download your videos: If you’re going to the trouble of making videos you don’t want people downloading them and using them for their own purposes.
  • Limit comments: Unless you really want to know other people’s uninformed opinions.
  • Set Two Factor Authentication: This provides better protection than just a password but can be more time consuming.

If you have any experiences with TikTok security do let me know, by email.

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