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Stupidest Scam of the Week Electric Emergency

The email title is “Trump Calls Emergency Meeting  at the White House”.

No he didn’t – this is just scammer fantasy with yet another round of mass emails about supposed magic devices that create electricity.

Electric companies have already gathered an army of lawyers to take down this website”.

This is the usual scammer language of conspiracy and threats from Big … (in this case Big Electric) and a video to watch that tells you all of the secrets.

There are no secrets about electricity generation and anyone can buy a straight forward electric generator. But they all run on some kind of fuel and that costs money unless you’re using solar panels or a wind turbine.

The email also claims that 2% of the population have already stepped into the free energy era.

The real statistics show that about 200,000 homes have solar panels which can contribute some electricity for their needs and across the economy around 18% of electric power is generated by sustainable means including hydroelectric, solar, wind and water.

However, the scammer’s game is simply to get you to click on a link for which she gets paid.

Pathetic rubbish as usual.

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