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BT Call Protect is BT’s free service to help their users block out the scam callers, cold callers and other undesirables.

Nuisance calls take many forms – they can be malicious calls, unsolicited sales propositions, scams or simply someone dialling the wrong number.

Getting nuisance calls at home can be intrusive, may disturb your home life and, when they happen repeatedly, can be upsetting.

For BT home phone customers, BT Call Protect is free and works in three ways:

  1. BT blacklist: Numbers identified as nuisance callers by BT’s experts are added to a BT blacklist and sent automatically to your junk voicemail.
  2. Personal blacklist: If you get an unwanted call you can add the number to your Personal blacklist. All future calls from that number will be sent to your junk voicemail.
  3. Individual call types: Send calls from specific categories (such as withheld or international) straight to your junk voicemail.

Plusnet offers its own Call Protect service free of charge – you call 1572 to set it up.

Sky offer Talk Shield and you access it by calling 1783 – this makes callers identify themselves and then you decide if you want to take the call or not.

TalkTalk have their free Callsafe service – dial 1472

Virgin offer a free Anonymous Caller Rejection service but advise customers to invest in APPS or devices that block unwanted calls.

If your phone supplier is not on this list and you want a call blocking service then contact your supplier and see what is possible.

If they don’t have any such services, then you may want to buy a box to plug into your phone line that can provide the call blocking service.

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