Telephones That Can Block Unwanted Callers

BT and other companies produce phones that let you block cold callers.

e.g. BT8600 Home Phone with Advanced Call Blocker

This allows you to choose the calls you want to take and those you want to block.

  • Numbers on your contact list get straight through.
    • For all other calls Call Guardian asks the caller to say their name and then asks the user whether they want to accept or block the call without speaking to the caller.

Advanced Call Blocking Features

You can block 1000 individual numbers and you can choose the type of calls you want to block such as mobile, international, withheld, unknown or payphone numbers. You can even block numbers by area code or suffix.

Diagram of how call blocking works
Diagram of how call blocking works

There other phones that do similar of course.

The BT call blocker phones start at £35, but there’s also

  • Binatone Shield 6020 – from £23
  • Panasonic KX-TGH220 – from £43
  • Gigaset Dune CL540A – from £89

Conclusion: These phones  do seem a good idea for anyone plagued by cold callers.

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