An Update on Those Time-Wasters

Stop Wasting my Time sign

So, what rubbish emails and calls have there been to Brooklands Radio station in the last few days?

An email titled “‘How to Photoshop your food and drinks to make them look stunning webinar” –What? You must be kidding.

An email about an APP for employee engagement – Any business that wants to interact with its staff through an APP doesn’t sound to me to be worth working for.

The Hottest Weight Loss Solution. Get your free bottle today – Yeah right! Another sad scam. This one from the Ukraine.

An email asking for volunteers supposedly from the Volunteer Centre in Surrey – but no content in the email after the title. Just a link to click on that is labelled Unsubscribe, but clearly is a scam.

A message from Barclays Bank wanting to pay us $1.2 million from the United Nations- but the real email address it’s from is Not exactly Barclays Bank. Just another pathetic scammer.

These people just waste our time and clog up the Internet with rubbish.

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