How To Use Email Safely

Safety First
Safety First

There are many things you can do to prevent scam emails causing you problems. The main thing is just to be vigilant. Here are a few ways to be safe.


  • Most Microsoft and other email clients come with spam filtering as standard. Ensure yours is switched on.
  • Most spam and junk filters can be set to allow email to be received from trusted sources, and blocked from untrusted sources.
  • Do not open emails which you suspect as being spam.

Unknown Sender

  • Do not respond to emails from unknown sources.
  • Do not open attachments from unknown sources.

Links in the Email

  • Do not readily click on links in emails from unknown sources. Instead, roll your mouse pointer over the link to reveal its true destination, displayed in the bottom left corner of your screen. Beware if this is different from what is displayed in the text of the link from the email.
  • Sometimes emails have an Unsubscribe link. If the email is from a reputable organisation then you can click on that if you wish to avoid further emails from them. But if the email is from an unknown sender then beware clicking on Unsubscribe as it may just be a method to get a reply from you.

Do not make purchases or charity donations in response to spam email.

Remember – stay vigilant.

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