Graham Annoys a Car Accident Claim Scammer

Phone Caller

Graham says:

I had done some shopping and coming back to the car park a women was about to put a note on my car saying she had accidentally scrapped my car when parking next to me. We exchanged details and her insurance company was excellent ringing me the same day, admitting full liability and got my car fixed within a couple of days and loaning me a car. Great I thought.

But then I was plagued by calls from legal firms wanting to claim personal injury for me. They claimed the insurance company had set aside a sum of money for my personal injury. I just kept telling them I wasn’t interested.

Then I decided to waste their time as they were wasting mine.

So, next caller I answered her questions about the accident  and waited till she got to the end of the process then said casually

“Does it make any difference whether I was in the car at the time of the accident?”

“You weren’t in the car?”


“You’ve just wasted my time on this”

“NO! You phoned me. You wasted My Time!”

That’s good riddance to one annoyed cold caller.

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