Are All Sales Emails Spam and Hence Bad?

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Are All Sales Emails Spam and Hence Bad?

No. There are very good reasons for businesses to send you sales emails and in many cases the recipient is pleased to receive the emails.

e.g. If you’ve signed up to Marks and Spencer and they notify you of a forthcoming sale or special discounts or Amazon email you about a one day sale coming up or your local car dealer emails you about their new model coming out.

However, the problem arises where companies and people send out bulk emails to people without thinking about whether you want such emails and certainly without your permission to send them to you.

Some people buy email lists knowing they are poor quality but don’t care – you can buy 20 million email addresses for as little as $200. These people just assume that the more they send out the more response they will get. But of course, the poorer the quality of the list and the more irrelevant their product is for those people then the lower the response rate will be.

But some well meaning businesses get caught up in this. They may buy an email list in good faith, but then not use it for 3 months (so it’s out of date) or repeatedly email the same people or target the wrong people or have bought the list from an unscrupulous supplier.

Whatever the reason, these emails clog up the Internet and clog up the Inbox on your email.

If you do send out sales emails – think about how relevant your message is to the recipients and always give them the option to be removed from your mailing list.

That’s Sales emails.

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