Annoy Cold Callers by Being Friendly and Questioning

Confused Cold Caller

For example:-

Caller: Hello. Is that Mr. …..

Me: What do you want? (in a bored ‘heard it all before’ tone of voice)

Caller: My name is Natasha and I’m calling from Lifestyle Choices. I would just like you to help me please with answers to a few questions. It will only take 2 minutes.

Me: (now sounding friendly) So, you’re Natasha and you’re from Lifestyle Choices.  Do you do a lot of surveys Natasha?

Caller: If you could just answer a few questions Sir.

Me: Natasha, Do you work for Lifestyle Choices or are you just contracted to them?

Caller: I work for Lifestyle Choices. If you could answer a few questions Sir.

Me: So, Lifestyle Choices – what do they do.

Caller: Can you answer some questions please Sir.

Me: Of course, after you answer my questions. Now, where was I. Oh Yes, I remember. You were going to tell me about Lifestyle Choices.

Natasha disconnects.

Good riddance to another cold caller.

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