Winifred’s Approach to Cold Callers

Confused Cold Caller
 Guest post by Winifred
Winifred says When I get a cold call, I say ‘I am not buying anything’.

They usually say ‘I am not selling anything’

So I say, ‘then why are you calling invading my private time. Take me off your list’


One caller was very determined.

I’d told him that I wasn’t buying anything but he persisted and in the end I just put the phone down.

Then he had the cheek to ring back and complain that I was rude to him.

So I said ‘I did not give you my telephone number. I told you I was not interested in anything you had to sell, My home time is very valuable to me. But you would not listen so I put the phone down in hopes that you would finally get the message’

I hope he has got the message.

I might try my cousin’s approach instead. When he gets a cold call, he says ‘just a minute’, puts the phone down and walks away.

This wastes their phone bill and annoys them.


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