What is The Beard Czar Scam

There is a trend for fashionable beards and some men will buy products to help them grow such a beard and for grooming.

Beard Czar heavily  advertise their products for beard growth and grooming and they have a website at www.beardczar.com

Selling such products is perfectly legal of course.

It’s the special offer they advertise that is the problem.

The offer is that you can try their product for 1 month at a cost of $4.95. The small print with the offer says that you are automatically signed up for their auto-shipment program which sends you 1 month supply every 30 days and charge your credit card.

Unless you cancel that subscription within 14 days then you will be charged $89.99 and so on every 30 days.

There is a phone number to call to cancel but people trying that find it very difficult

See https://www.bbb.org/phoenix/business-reviews/hair-ornaments/beard-czar-in-phoenix-az-1000039261/reviews-and-complaints

for people’s experiences of dealing with this company.

Beard Czar have followed the typical scammers model and created lots of fake reviews online to make it difficult for people to find genuine reviews.

If you type Beard Czar on Google, it finds the Beard Czar website then a lot of reviews with titles such as Beard Czar Warning – Read This Before You Buy It”, “Do Not Buy “Beard Czar” – SIDE EFFECTS REVEALED!!”, Do Not Try “Beard Czar”- All Side Effects HERE!!! – Health Fly Up”

These are just sales pitches dressed up to look like reviews. This is an attempt to deceive people and this kind of action is only carried out by people who don’t want the public to know what’s going on.

Companies that operate this kind of model where they send you a product then do everything they can to make it difficult to stop their charges – are best avoided.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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