This is Nasty: Investment in Burial Plots


We received an email at the radio station titled “Rainham Cemetery – 40% Returns within 24 months

They want to make money somehow from a cemetery. That’s worrying.

The email is from KT Marketing and seems to be genuine.

It says “Purchase one of the last available burial plots in Greater London, well below market value.

Returns paid within 24 months. Burial space to run out within 10 years in the South East.”

So, they seem to be saying that there are few burial plots left in London so buy them now and sell them back to the people who will be desperate to get one for their beloved relatives and thence have to pay exorbitant prices because of nasty little horrors who’ve bought up the few remaining plots.

How could you sleep at night if you made money off the back of bereaved people.

This is a nasty business.

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