The Wine Diet

Scammers keep coming up with new and even more ridiculous supposed diets that make you lose tons of weight in no time at all.

This latest one is the Wine diet and the email title is ‘Wine Melts Fat’.

“Top doctors and nutritionists still cannot believe their eyes…”

“As more and more people are losing up to 2 pounds each day with this recently discovered weight-loss method.”

It claims that all you have to do is drink wine in a specific way and at the right time of day and the fat will simply melt away. No need for restricted eating or exercise – just follow the simple wine ritual.

There are many people desperate for a diet that is easy to follow but of course to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you use in your day’s activities.

Wine contains calories – a 750 mls bottle of red wine has about 650 calories.

There isn’t anything in wine that can make you lose weight – the whole idea is pathetically stupid.

But scammers don’t care how stupid an idea is as long as someone responds to their claims and hands over their money or personal information.

The second half of the email is actually sections taken from Wikipedia about how Wikipedia operates. This is simply text chosen by the scammer to try to get her scam emails through anti-scam filters at the Internet providers.

A ludicrous scam email.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.


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