The State of Email

The Radicati Group  carry out research into email usage, security, social networking, web technologies and more.

The information below is from their assessment of world email, covering the period 2015 to 2019, but carried out in 2015.













This shows a steady growth in email accounts and email users with an average of just under 2 email accounts per person using email.

The total number of email users by 2019 is just under half of the population of the planet, which shows how incredibly useful email is to most of us.

This is despite the fast rising growth of text messaging, social networking and other forms of communication.













This shows the staggering number of email messages sent each day – 205 billion in 2015 rising to 246 billion in 2019 of which roughly half are business communications and half are personal messages.

This means that by 2019 we will be sending approximately 84 email messages per person per day.

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