The EU Business Register Scam

There are numerous business directories and usually there is a small sum to pay for inclusion. Some offer free inclusion for a basic entry then tempt you with a higher profile entry for a fee.

This is all straightforward and legal.

However, some scammers offer business directory listings with nasty hidden costs.

Recent scam emails claim to offer an entry in the EU Business Register, based in the Netherlands.

The messages look legitimate and tempt people to fill in the attached PDF of questions and expect a free entry in the directory.

The messages even include the line “Updating is free of charge”.

The scam is hidden in the very small print at the bottom of the PDF document where it says “The signing of this document represents the acceptance of … I hereby order a subscription with …   for three years. The price per year is Euro 995. The subscription will be automatically extended each year for another year….”  

Once they get the form back, the invoices start to arrive and they use heavy pressure and threats to make people pay.

However, the contract is not valid as it is obviously designed to con people.

Always make sure to read the small print on any document before signing.

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