The Employee Phishing Test

Phishing is where you receive an email that appears to be from a trusted organisation but is designed to get your personal information such as login and password or credit card details.

Q. Would your employees fall for such a phishing email?

Usecure Ltd carry out phishing simulations on behalf of their client companies in order to see what the level of response would be and hence what actions need to be taken.

Follow this.

It’s half past four on a Thursday afternoon. You’re getting through your last tasks of the day, when you receive a new email. It has an alluring title:

“Holiday Policy Change – Action Required”

When an email with this title was sent out to the employees of one of Usecure’s clients, 78% of them opened it. The email, however, was a phishing scam: By the end of the day, 39% of the recipients had been duped into giving up their email passwords.

Luckily for the client, the email was only a simulation.

That’s a frighteningly high message open rate and response rate and shows how dangerous phishing emails can be.

Q. What is simulated phishing – and how does it help?

Simulated phishing means sending out ‘fake’ phishing emails. These are often modelled after real-world phishing emails and use similar techniques to catch the target’s attention, but are intended to educate the target on the risks of phishing rather than to trick them into giving up their details.

While training end-users on the risks of phishing and the common telling signs of phishing emails is essential, simulated phishing allows employees to put what they’ve learned into a real-world test. This helps raise awareness about phishing – employees that do fall for simulated phishing are sure to remember how easy it is to fall for a phishing scam – and the results are recorded for you to see how your employees fare in the simulation. This data can then be used to provide additional training and guidance to employees most at risk, helping you secure the organisation.

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