The Central Register of Companies

A letter arrived for Fightback from The Central Register of Companies and Businesses.

The letter looks official but is not addressed to a person or a job role, just to the company.

It starts off by specifying the company start date and address then comes the deceitful part.

Go to and pay for the publication of your company.

Lack of payment will result in lack of entry in the Central Register of Companies and Businesses.

At first glance, maybe that sounds bad and I’d better pay up quickly. But of course it’s just a  sales pitch wrapped up to sound like it’s an official requirement.

The letter continues saying the same things in different official sounding words.

In accordance with the current register rules (8 of internal rules), publication of an entry in the Central Register of Companies and Businesses requires payment of an optional registration fee of £200.

The letter does not class as a scam because the wording is careful to avoid actual lies. However, it is designed to fool people who don’t read it carefully and I suspect many businesses have signed up for what is essentially just an entry In a business directory without realising that’s all it is.

If you want to pay for an entry in a directory – that’s fine, but don’t pay for such things without reading the offer carefully.

Don’t be fooled.

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