Review of Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Malware is any piece of software that can cause problems on your computer. This includes viruses, trojans, ransomware, spyware and PUPS.

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware package, not an anti-virus package. It’s designed to find and eliminate the other elements of malware.

Trojans are pieces of software that can infect your computer while appearing to be harmless.  E.g. the Trojan may open a back door through which hackers can access to your computer.    Spyware is anything that makes a record of your actions e.g. websites visited and passes on that information. This can be simply to provide more targeted adverts but is often intrusive and unwelcome. PUPS are pieces of software or cookies that are probably unwelcome but do not fit the category of dangerous.

How Does it Work?

You install Malwarebytes and it has real time protection facilities that guard against for example your browser navigating to a dangerous website. It also needs to run regular scans of your computer to ensure nothing dangerous has got onto your computer.

Malwarebytes used to have an excellent free version but with the advent of version 3 – the free version has been downgraded and now is just the scan facility with no real time protection i.e. it give no protection against malware infecting your computer, browsing on dangerous websites etc.

The premium version  costs £30 per year for full protection.

Malwarebytes is very effective at preventing malware getting onto my computer, but it does slow the machine down noticeably at times.  So that’s a trade-off you have to consider.

Malwarebytes may not be that efficient at finding and removing viruses so a separate anti-virus software package may be needed.

Features of Malwarebytes

  • Anti-malware scans
  • Real time protection
  • Malicious website blocking
  • Developed for PCs but now available on MAC and Android

Main Competitors

  • BitDefender
  • Kaspersky

In conclusion, Malwarebytes is effective in countering malware and it’s worth the annual cost but it’s a shame the free version has been so downgraded.

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