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Whatsapp Ryanair Scam

WhatsApp users are being put on alert about a scam offering free Ryanair flights.

Ryanair have warned their customers by tweeting that this is a fraud and there are no free flights.

The hoax message, which is being circulated on the APP, features the Ryanair logo right at the top which makes it look authentic.

The message claims the offer is only for today so as to pressurise the reader to act and gives a countdown of the number of tickets remaining.

The message says: “Congratulations! You have qualified to obtain 2 Free Tickets!”.

The WhatsApp scam then asks victims to share the hoax message with 15 of their friends or groups to spread the fake offer further.

The user must then input their details to obtain the tickets.

This just a phishing scam – there are no tickets but if you do input your details, the scammer can sell that information to other fraudsters.

Ryanair are clear that this is s just a scam.

“Ryanair is not active on WhatsApp and the only place to win Ryanair flights is on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, both of which have the ‘blue tick’ verification”.

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