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Facebook Scammer is Scammed

Teddy Wayne was bored one weekend and received a friend request on Facebook.

Her name was Claire Anri and she sent photos of herself – a beautiful young woman (turns out the photos were fake as they had been taken from the Facebook page of a personal trainer in New York).

This was an obvious scam but Teddy played along for 3 months – continually making a mess of transferring money to Claire. She wanted money to travel to America and become his wife.

Teddy kept up the dialogue on Facebook and had a lot of fun with the scammer. He found ways to annoy her and test her determination to get money from him.

This section below is one of the funniest.

Teddy: I am afraid you will stop loving me once you have to live with my chronic diarrhoea. Please tell me you will not let it get in the way of our love.

Claire: I wont. I promise you my love

Teddy: thank you. It has gotten worse with the stress from the hurricane but II am only having “episodes” 12 or 13 times a day now. But enough about me. How are YOU?

Claire: 24 and you?

Teddy: 32. I have had the chronic diarrhoea since I was 24, though, so we have something in common!

Claire: what we have in common is love

Teddy: yes. love, and your age being the age when I developed chronic diarrhoea.

Claire: — and I will always be there for you my love. Honey when are you sending me the money I asked you?

Teddy: — I cannot wait. The happiness I receive will overpower this episode of diarrhoea I am currently undergoing.

 — I have sent it already and will give you the MTCN when I see the pics and know that your love for me is true

Claire: don’t let it lost the way you did the last one you sent

Teddy: no, you have been so nice about not leaving me because of my chronic diarrhoea; I am going to add another $1,000 to it, ok?  You are worth it, baby. Where are you now?

Claire: am still in Malaysia and you my husband?

Teddy: still in NYC. My diarrhoea clinic is here so I pretty much have to stay here.

Claire: am sending the pictures now

These scammers are usually male and very determined to get your money – 3 months of being played along was finally enough for the scammer to give up.

The complete story is available at https://theawl.com/my-three-month-facebook-dialogue-with-a-scammer-from-malaysia-pretending-to-be-a-beautiful-woman-d451bb9e0e7d

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