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Warning: Surrey Roadside Scam

This roadside scam is relatively rare but reoccurs in Surrey from time to time.

You’re driving along and see what looks like a broken down car and a person sitting or lying by the roadside. Many people will just drive by, but some will stop to help and that’s what the scammer is relying upon.

The scammers are generally male and well dressed – they want to look like businessmen and often pick busy roads or even motorways for this scam.

If you get out to help, then you find that the driver has simply run out of petrol and offers you his gold ring as collateral for a loan of some money to get petrol.

The ring or other proffered gold jewellery will be fake of course and your money will be gone.

The safe thing to do is keep on driving and if possible, report the incident to the Police so they can investigate if it is a genuine breakdown or a scammer.

Do not get caught out.

Have you seen this scam in your area?

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Warning – Surrey Roadside Scam

Some friends of Sarah’s were nearly caught out by this roadside scam.

Sarah’s friends were driving down the slip road onto the A3 near Esher and saw by the roadside that something had happened. A person was lying by the road and a stopped car. A man flagged them down.

He claimed he was a company director and had run out of fuel. He offered to give them his ring in return for money for petrol.

Sarah’s friends had been scammed before and knew to take no chances so they drove off.

If you are stopped and asked for money or even asked to get out and help – think carefully and examine the situation.

Why haven’t they got a phone?

Is there something not quite right about the scene?

If you are worried – DO NOT STOP.  You can find a place to park a safe distance away and ring the police, tell them what has happened and they can and go and see if there is really anything wrong.

A similar roadside scam to this has been reported recently in Copsem Lane near Esher.

Being a Good Samaritan is natural to many of us but be careful as things may not be what they seem.

Do not get caught out.