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The Impact of Fraud on Victims

As part of the government’s annual figures on fraud, they include ‘experimental’ figures of different ways to analyse the data.  This includes statistics on the emotional and physical impact of fraud.

These show that where there has been financial loss, the most common effects are:-

  1. To feel ashamed, embarrassed or to blame oneself
  2. Loss of time / inconvenience
  3. Stopped using specific websites
  4. Time off work
  5. Physical health problems

Where there has been full or partial reimbursement of losses, there is a lot less of the negative feelings of embarrassment, shame and self-blame.

However, many people do not report any such symptoms.

If you are a victim of fraud – do not blame yourself as the fraudsters get a lot of practice in such deceit and successfully deceive people of all ages, races, level of education and expertise.

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