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Stupidest Spam of the Week Contact Forms

An email from Florene Marquis to the radio station claims to have been entered via the contact form on their website.

It is a sales pitch for a service whereby they can send spam messages via contact forms to lots of businesses. This is to ensure the messages are delivered rather than being blocked by spam filters.

Companies use contact forms on their websites instead of just putting an email address for two primary reasons

  1. They need more information about the ‘customer’ and their message than might be received in a normal email message
  2. To avoid the avalanche of spam and scam messages received whenever a well known business puts their email addresses on their website, in a form that can be found by email harvesting software (used by spammers and scammers)

So, telling us that her software circumvents businesses choice to avoid spam messages is very annoying and would never lead to any business from us and probably not from almost any genuine business.

However, the entire thing is just a scam looking for unscrupulous people as the message actually comes from a Gmail address and the reader is urged to reply to a different Gmail address not a business address.

Unfortunately there are people who spend their time trying to get around attempts by legitimate Internet users to block spam and scam emails.

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