Stupidest Spam of the Week The CIA

There are some scam messages that involve the CIA but they are rare so this new one is an oddity.

Waylon Miethkle tells me he has been instructed to contact me (doesn’t know my name though) as the CIA have been carrying out research into life for the last 50 years. He wants me to have the results of that research.

Sounds remarkably boring.

The tag to try to get me interested in clicking the link is

Now governments and others have developed technology around these concepts for their own deceptive use. You will be contacted by other methods about counter measures and the part you play in this”.

I think this scammer has been watching old Cold war movies and thinks she’s a part of the spy game.

“By other methods” – maybe I should keep a watch out for carrier pigeons carrying secret messages or a microfilm turning up in my breakfast cereal or clandestine phone calls with strange pass phrases e.g. “The weather is Siberia is colder than a London Tuesday in the summer”.


The link to be clicked is to a shortened URL so there’s no way to know which website it goes to unless I click on it which I will not be doing.

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