Stupidest Spam of the Week Robot Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are a common target for scammers.

Usually they pick some little known robot cleaner, copy photos, add some text and send out emails by the million advertising the cleaner.

Sometimes this is just trying to sell rubbish products to people at high prices with the intention of making fast money and disappearing.

Other times, there is no product – just scammers copying other scammers but not even bothering with a product.

This latest set of emails sent out by the million has photos of a weird looking cleaner but it is the description that marks it plainly as a scam.


Soft cotton water absorbent cloth water absorbent cloth”

“Bottom cleaning experts”

“Anti-lock design”

“Let your life full of health”

“Intelligent to stop drop sensing”

But clearly not intelligent enough to write a description that makes any sense.

The message also lists prices which start at 129 for one but doesn’t say what currency the prices are.

Perhaps it’s 129 pennies, but probably not.

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