Stupidest Spam of the Week Professional Listings

Yippee! Who’s Who in America say I have been nominated as a biographical candidate for the next edition and the first phase of my assessment has been passed.

They say they obtain information from executive listings and professional listings but I need to complete my profile for the next step.

Most people use social media and website entries etc. for looking up information on professional people rather than searching Who’s Who or anything similar. Their day ended when we all moved online.

The sales pitch in the email is laughable.

E.g. “the biographical data comes from the most authoritative source – the biographees themselves”.

That means people can make up whatever they want for inclusion, so that sentence dooms the publication to be a fantasy document.

The whole thing is just a Marketing exercise – trying to get personal information from people then charging for a high profile inclusion in their publication rather than a standard entry.

The message sender doesn’t even know my name – the message starts with ‘Dear Valued Candidate’.


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