Stupidest Spam of the Week Okinawan Tonic

Another email with a magical weight loss method that takes no effort.

This one claims to have been leaked by a doctor and was kept secret by the people of Okinawa who are very long lived.  Supposedly they have a pink tonic that melts belly fat like butter in a frying pan.

It is claimed to be so powerful that it activates a very rare hormone that eats fat.

Now, it is true that the people of Okinawa are very long lived and have extremely low levels of obesity.

But the reasons behind this are well known – certainly no magical drinks.

A large part of the effect is genetic as Okinawans who move away from the island are still long lived.

The rest is environmental factors – their diet is fruit and vegetables – they eat more sweet potato than rice unlike most of the rest of Japan. Most work in agriculture or fishing – good healthy outdoor activities.

The traditional Okinawan diet is dense in the essential vitamins and minerals – including anti-oxidants – but also low in calories.

No magic drinks – just a healthy diet, lots of exercise and good genes.

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