Stupidest Spam of the Week Lost Remedies

This one is about herbal remedies.

Sounds a boring topic for scammers and spammers but it does attract enough attention for them to use in scams and spam.

The title is ‘All The Medicinal Plants of North America’.

There’s a picture of a map of the U.S. showing the states and a photo of a woman holding up her book.

So, what makes me think it’s a scam, rather than just someone trying to sell a reference book?

  1. The email is from “” – the associated website does exist and is marked as malicious by multiple website scanners. That’s dangerous. No genuine author would have a malware website.
  2. The message says “We’ve just printed 100 copies – this isn’t available to the public, but there’s one with your name on”. The email was sent out to a large number of email addresses on a spam list and the sender does not know the owner’s names so this is a lie.
  3. The book is also called ‘The Lost Book of Herbal remedies’. That makes no sense as it’s a newly written book claimed to be based on years of research – not a lost book that has been found.
  4. Just on Amazon there are hundreds of book of herbal remedies and medicinal plants in America so the message claiming the book is unique – is very wrong.

All together – a scam.

Buy books from bookshops or online at reputable stores – never buy from unsolicited emails.

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