Stupidest Spam of the Week Fountain of Youth

I think this scammer must have been watching an old movie such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or maybe an old book.

The email title is “The Truth About the Fat Burning Fountain of Youth”.

They do like to be dramatic in their claims to attract attention, although you would expect that to turn off anyone with more than 2 brain cells.

So, the email goes on to claim that a simple 2 minute ritual at bedtime will shrink fat away and reverse aging.

Hhmm – see what I mean about that movie.

Then it gives examples such as John who melted away 54 pounds of belly fat in no time.

No supplement or diet can possibly target fat in one place on the body – it just doesn’t work like that. You gain fat overall and you lose fat overall.

The fountain of youth is a nice fable and so is the idea of losing fat with no effort – but they only exist in stories. Real life is much harder.

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