Stupidest Spam of the Week Colonel Gaddafi

Years ago there was a spate of advance fee scams using the name of Colonel Gaddafi’s widow.  These were typical scams in telling a ridiculous story and claiming there is a huge fortune waiting to be collected and you can share in it if you offer just a tiny bit of help collecting those riches.

Some moron is now repeating these old messages.

e.g “Greetings from Libya,  I am the wife of the ex-Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, the former and late leader of Libya Colonel Muammar Qadhafi who was betrayed and embattled by Libyan

and murdered by the Libyan rebels which led to his untimely death.

Since then, me and my children has been on travel ban, no access to bank accounts  and we have been rendered homeless and at the same time we are under threat and we are not allowed to

invest or operate bank account. I wrote this letter because I need you to help me to secure some of my family funds that is deposited by my late husband in different security companies abroad which is no longer safe under the name of my late husband therefore I urgently need your help to transfer the amount to your bank account”.

She offers you 30% of the total funds and just wants to know some details from you to start the process of recovering the money.

She wants your name, address, phone numbers, gender, age, occupation and a copy of your identification.

All good information to sell to identity thieves.

She wants to benefit from two scams at once – the Advance Fee Scam and Identity Theft.

Any riches that Gaddafi had are long since gone.

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