Stupidest Spam of the Week Breakfast Trick

The message claims to be from “Dead Metabolism”. That’s not a subtle start.

It begins with “Before you eat breakfast do this ONE shockingly simple “morning trigger” to activate and turbocharge your dead metabolism…..  It takes just 10 seconds of your time.”

So, it’s another common scam with some magical means of almost instant weight loss.

“Penelope does it every morning and has dropped 49lbs..”

“Nicholas lost 45lbs with this bizarre trigger and no dieting or exercise..”

“Verity lost 33lbs in time for her wedding day..”

“This metabolism turbo-boosting was previously known ONLY to the inhabitants of a small island in the Indian Ocean, but now it’s possible for YOU to see too”.

That’s the usual fantasy stuff intended to convince the reader that it works.

The second half of the email has a page of text copied from a history of British Columbia.

British Columbia’s political history is typified by scandal and a cast of colourful characters, beginning with various colonial-era land scandals and abuses of power by early officials (such as those that led to McGowan’s War in 1858–59). Notable scandals in Social years included the Robert Bonner Affair and the Fantasy Gardens scandal which forced Premier Bill Vander Zalm to resign and ended the Social era. NDP scandals included Bingogate, which brought down NDP Premier Mike Harcourt, and the alleged scandal named gate which drove NDP Premier Glen Clark to resign. A variety of scandals

Scammers add this kind of text to try to get past the email providers scanning system that delete the most obvious scam and spam messages

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