Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week Effortless Weight Loss

Lots of scammers target people wanting to lose weight as obesity is such a common problem in advanced countries and the standard method of restricting calories and/or exercising more can be difficult and perhaps unpleasant for many.

The email shows a cartoon of a woman eating a giant cup cake and has the slogan ”Stuff Your Face. Lose Weight”.

Perhaps that’s the Holy Grail for many aspiring to lose weight but of course it isn’t possible and would be very unhealthy if it was.

Your body needs nutritious food especially if you are restricting the calories, so using that calorie allowance on junk food would cause a range of health problems.

The scammer doesn’t worry about such things as she has no weight loss method – except for reducing the size of your wallet or purse. The pages of fake email end up with a video that you must watch and she exhorts you to watch till the end and you will immediately be dropping pounds afterwards.

No – it’s all just lies.

The scammer claims to be at least 5 years ahead of weight loss science. Nope – but perhaps destined for 5 years in prison when caught.

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