Regrow a Full Head of Hair in 24 days

Scammers seem to compete with each other in how ludicrous they make their claims.

Many offer magical ways to stop hair loss and regrow your hair.

This latest scammer goes the whole way and claims his scientifically proven method regrows your entire head of hair in 24 days or less.

Hair actually grows at a rate of about 0.3 mm per day so the idea of people taking his magical mineral supplement (“wake-up and see the difference every day”)  and watching their hair growing daily is very far-fetched.

Just in case anyone is worried – he also guarantees no side effects.

Probably true – you don’t get side effects when there is no such supplement in the first place.

If anyone actually had a way to regrow hair in dead follicles it would be world-wide news, but it hasn’t happened and is unlikely to ever do so.

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