Online Dating Association

In summer 2013 a group of dating site providers in the UK created a body that would allow the sector to work together on standards and speak as one voice with regulators, law enforcement agencies and others.

These services wanted to take some shared responsibility for the wellbeing of the sector and its users – and not just rely solely on the law.

A Code of Practice and advice for the public on the best and safe use of services was published in December 2013. The Code was focused on:-

  • The clarity and honesty of the services offered
  • The protection of user’s personal information
  • The proper operation of services
  • The advice and help given to users to make dating as enjoyable and safe as possible.

The Online Dating Association intends for its materials to be used by any company for whom they are relevant, anywhere in the world in order to raise standards.

The Online Dating Association’s policy recommendations and complaint arbitration are designed to help  members build trust with consumers, so singles can join dating platforms with confidence and security.

The ODA screens members before and after they join to discourage misleading marketing ploys and unsavoury sales tactics in the dating industry.

Members that commit to the official Code of Practice endorse policies that support a healthy, secure, and friendly online atmosphere for singles. Since 2013, the Online Dating Association has promoted high moral standards for dating websites old and new, big and small, in the UK and abroad.

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