Money Mail Fightback

The Daily Mail newspaper Money Mail department (also called the Consumer Champion) does a lot of good helping people to get their money back after being defrauded.

They claim that during 2020 they have managed to ‘claw back’ more than a million pounds for their readers, including for one victim of an investment scam who was conned out of £190,000.

That total also includes many women who realised their state pension was being underpaid.

The newspaper does a great job in championing people trapped by bureaucracy, badly trained customer service staff, insurance companies that stick rigidly to the small print, organisations that don’t care and retailers who wont accept faulty goods back.

If you’ve been conned in some way or let down by organisations then possibly Money Mail can help, however they have limited resources and can only take on a limited number of cases compared to the large numbers of people who do get conned in some way.

One of their key tasks is actually advising people on how to make a complaint and to make it politely and with full information as often, people’s response to aggressive complaining is to be aggressive back which is not what you want.

It is important to follow the rules on making complaints of any kind as you are far more likely to get a good response.

The Money Mail pages online are a useful resource for advice, warnings and also recommendations such as deals of the week.

Well done Money Mail.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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