How to Stop Salesmen From Anglian Windows

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Anglian Windows are well known for sending people around to knock on everyone’s door. Usually with special offers and a hard sell.

I had yet another visit from a salesman from Anglian Windows and complained to him that two of his colleagues had knocked within the last few months. Don’t they talk to each other?  He had no explanation and clearly didn’t care – just went into his sales patter.

As long as you are still on the doorstep they believe you can be sold to and hence carry on with the pitch.  It is pathetic.

I complained to their head office that it was ridiculous to have such frequent visits and couldn’t they organise themselves better. I was surprised to get a message back apologising and saying that my address was now on their ‘do not knock’ list so I should never be bothered by them again.

I find it hard to believe that but maybe it’s true.

Anyway, if you have problems with Anglian or similar companies knocking at the door – make sure to complain to their head office and demand they stop knocking at your door.

It may work.

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