How to Stop Brain Death

Many scammers target obvious health problems such as dementia, obesity, pain, diabetes, cancer etc.

This latest one mixes and matches.

How did a cute baby get 80 year old Jean out of a nursing home”.

“This brain trick made her lose 68 pounds”.

“Increase your memory by 90%”.

So, the scam is a mix of weight loss and memory restoration and a cure for ‘brain death’ whatever that is in the scammer’s mind.

She claims that a bizarre 10 second ritual after dinner every night will provide the magic answer to weight loss with no effort, a 90% memory improvement and fighting off brain death.

That’s an odd mix and obviously complete rubbish.

Just to top it off she calls this a “godsend”. Whoever’s God you believe it – it is unlikely to be bothered about magic weight loss unless it the God of scammers.

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