Fake IDs

We all see criminals on TV shows and movies going to suspicious characters to have fake passports, driving licences, IDs etc. created for them.

Nowadays there are many companies on the Internet openly selling fake IDs – you may have seen adverts for these and wondered how this can be legal.

The companies advertise openly but their websites make it clear that the documents faked are for fun and entertainment only and many even warn that they must not be used to deceive anyone.

So that’s the get out clause.

  1. Is it illegal or immoral for people to buy and use these fakes?

That depends on the situation – if you use a fake ID to play a joke on a relative or friend or something similar then no harm done but clearly if you’re underage and use a fake document to access alcohol then you are breaking the law.

Likewise with similar use of other documents and claiming it was just for fun won’t go down well with the Police.

These companies are engaged in activities they know will lead to cheating, so don’t support them.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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