Facebook Fake Product Testers

The idea of being paid to work at home trying out new products such as iPhones and then being allowed to keep the products free of charge, is very appealing.

It is clearly not going to happen, but large numbers of people are attracted to these sorts of adverts.

These adverts can appear on any social media platform and in the press but are mostly seen on Facebook currently.

There are Marketing companies that will on occasion pay people to try products, but this is very limited, pays very little and you don’t get to keep anything valuable. Plus, the demand for such ‘work’ is so high that the companies involved don’t need to put out mass advertising – they generally have a list of people they trust to do such testing according to the rules they set.

So, almost all such adverts (possibly above 99%) you will see asking for product testers are scams.

Typically, the scammers ask for personal information as part of registration e.g. name, address, contact numbers, date of birth, bank details etc.

They can sell this to other criminals for identity theft purposes or get you to pay a registration fee or similar small charge then keep you hanging on, while they do everything they can to make money from you.

Some of these scammers are Marketing companies who try to stay just inside the law by occasionally giving a free gift to someone.

They make the money – they win. You lose.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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