Stupidest Spam of the Week Alcoholic Weight Loss

There are vast numbers of scammers targeting weight loss.

The Western world in particular has many millions of people desperate to lose weight and the standard methods of eat less and exercise more are hard work, so is there an easier alternative?

The scammers offer magic ingredients from the Himalayas, secret mystical rituals, long lost remedies, tricks using water or other household items and more ridiculous methods.

Plus of course there are the conspiracy theorists who claim it’s the government fault for adding something to the water to make everyone fat and denying that the proposed magic remedies work and so on.

It’s all pathetic lies from greedy scammers after your money.

As is this message “More than 12,000 overweight people have been able to supercharge their metabolism by a whopping 470%…  All thanks to a popular alcoholic drink.”

The scammer claims this magic answer has been proved by 18 universities including Princeton.

It they had found any such thing, then it would have been newspaper headlines – but that hasn’t happened.

By the way, your metabolism generates heat to keep you warm., If your metabolism was supercharged by 470% you would very rapidly overheat and die. Not advised.

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